We are looking for co-founder who want to change the world with us!
We are here to achieve the best, and we mean it seriously!!!

To make our upcoming startup company stronger, we are looking forward your joining.


in Berlin.

Currently we're looking for the right match!
If your native language is Spanish, English or French
and you can also speak German, then you're perfect!

Are you in search for something exciting, something new?
Or do you want to be at your current job until you retire?
Or are you fed up of always having supervisors and
always getting the same predetermined assignments
and just want to get away?
But only you can decide how your life path should look.

We are in wait for one more co-founder
who is very creative and can give presentations.
You get full support from us!

Don't worry, our startup has nothing to do with sports,
but we definitely place strong weight on passion to perform and fun.

Our startup's business model is unique
and that will be evident from the very beginning, even the application process is special.

Read further to find out what we think the best match for us would be.

A completely different kind of startup!

We believe that it will become increasingly more important in the future that work colleagues fit together well emotionally.

You spend so much time with your colleagues at the office; it would be a shame if you weren't surrounded by people with whom you can build a closer personal relationship with, or even a friendship. It would be great if the working environment were a community of friends, rather than how it is at many companies, where people

are only hired based on their qualifications and their CV. As a result, colleagues form an artificial community in the office. If someone leaves the company, his or her former colleagues are no longer interested in maintaining any private contact, unless these two people happen to have become friends.

Revolutionary means of staff development.

We will implement a completely new style for the application process and team development by looking for people who fit well together, using the slogan: "People who match, with the chance to like each other!" We are aware that liking each other, as suggested by the slogan, has a lot to do with internal expectations or unfulfilled desires and longings that project on to others, but the fulfillment of these desires is not always reciprocal even though two people match on a psychological level. By placing the mutual enthusiasm for one thing above individual qualifications, our startup uses a completely new and revolutionary approach to team building and staff development. Accordingly, we don't want to see your CV. If you want to be able to do something that differs from the work experience on your CV and to do something completely new, we can give you that chance. We also believe your age doesn't play any part in what you want to do. Passion comes before qualification because we

humans have the ability to learn anything if we are interested enough in doing so. Accordingly, the organization of work is not necessarily based on your position. We also want to prevent destructive competition. The assignment of responsibilities should be solely based on the task at hand. Rivalry can be avoided by clearly focusing on any given task. Long-lasting relationships can only be fostered by eliminating internal competition and thus facilitating pure professionalism. Moreover, the company should provide its employees with a sense of safety and security. Say you discover something about yourself that you want to pursue outside of the company, then we want you to help you fulfill your goals, not make you feel chained to us. On the contrary, we want to support you individually, even if you have already left the company. We can talk more about this idea in an interview, as to why this can work and is not too idealistic.

What is important about you to us is that we all fit well together.

The common denominator is more of a view of life and personal characteristics. We would like to be a group of people to make the plan for a different future. If you value freedom, then you have a lot of what we find best in people. That also fits into our business model and to what we are doing otherwise. Are you good at organizing? Once we have reached a certain size, we will also be able to perform charity events.

Aside from having a love for freedom, it is important to us that you are a very friendly person and have a very distinctive appeal. Together with an optimistic outlook, these make up the prerequisites that will help up all feel good together at this startup. If we can complement each other with our personality and abilities, that will help to bring us together as well. In that vein, we would lie to ask you to take two different personality tests. You'll find the external links below.

Which personality type are you?

There are two tests that may be of interest to you.

Unfortunately both tests are only in German and English:

We ask you to determine your personality type on your own before you register for the co-founder application. Please go (privately) to the following sites and write down your results, so you can report them in your online application afterwards:

  1. Based on MBTI (Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator)

    The typology is based on the psychologist C. G. Jung. Each of the 16 types is to be considered neutral and no type is better or worse. They are also referred to now as the love types, since similar types get along better and have a higher potential for falling in love with each other. The original MBTI actually still determines between shy/non-shy.

  2. Winkler (123 Type Model)

    Psychological consultants use this test to better put together teams. Again, the typology is neutral because each of the 3 types helps to supplement within the team. So having different personality types in the team is the best way to round it off. The test results show different percentages that correlate to tendencies.

This and all subsequent questions are important, so that the workers in the startup really do match each other and create an environment in which it is fun to work together.

What can you expect?

80% of so-called venture capital investors (mostly VC Funds) make their decision to invest based on the startup's team.

That's why you, as a co-founder, are so vital from the very beginning. You can expect to be very important! On the other hand, a startup needs capital from the VC investors in order to pay its salaries, other operating costs and especially marketing expenses. Especially in our business model, in which a business to business (B2B) network is built, VC investors are needed to reach the so-called critical mass or, in other words, a certain number of companies participating in the B2B network.

Founding the Startup.

The first phase of establishment begins by looking for VC investors and presenting the business model to investors. Of course, we will always proudly introduce and show a picture of the team in our presentations. That's all in the professional preparation. You're the one missing from the future presentations! You can expect that we will need you to get funding from VC investors!

Without VC investors, we can't start.

Salaries and all the other costs can only begin to be paid from the moment a VC investor has entered into business with us. The agreements made with the co-founders will assure that they have no financial expenses. That is only the founder's responsibility.
But actively work for us and spend a little time, you should already!

Please understand that we cannot publicize our business model. Thank you!

Now, complete the online application for a personal interview and answer our questions for you:

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